Quick Pitch 2010: Andrew Ritter, Ritter Pharmaceuticals

Oct. 7, 2010 -- Andrew Ritter, president and CEO of Ritter Pharmaceuticals, which has developed a treatment for lactose intolerance, won the Audience and Overall awards at Quick Pitch.


Quick Pitch 2010: Richard Sudek, Chairman, Tech Coast Angels

Oct. 7, 2010 -- Tech Coast Angels Chairman Richard Sudek talks about judging the Quick Pitch presentations.
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Small business finance roundtable: Introduction

Oct. 7, 2010 -- Executive Editor George Chamberlin introduces The Daily Transcript's panel of small business finance experts, who start off the discussion with their opinion on the new small business lending bill. (Part 1)
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Small business finance roundtable: Lending environment

Oct. 7, 2010 -- Industry experts discuss the current small business lending environment. (Part 2)


Small business finance roundtable: Community banks

Oct. 7, 2010 -- Panelists discuss small business lending in community banks, the types of businesses getting loans and the different SBA loan types. (Part 3)


Small business finance roundtable: The litmus test

Oct. 7, 2010 -- Roundtable participants talk about what they look for when a company is seeking a small business loan and a new program to refinance debt. (Part 4)


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