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Patrick Dillon 10:17am March 12, 2013

One key point that I want to make here is the importance a lot of media companies overlook in their own core offering, and what we're trying to incorporate into our messaging with the Take Back Local training. We're trying to teach advertisers to recognize the value of our client's radio, television, print or direct mail offerings IN ADDITION TO the basic traffic and email distribution of the programs we help create. If advertising really still is about touch points, which classically has always been the case, then our clients win in the long run over companies like Groupon, Living Social and others that are reliant on one touch point (your daily Groupon email). If that's true then advertisers should stick with our clients.

Anna Diaz-Kelleher 8:47am March 12, 2013

Reading this article has made me do the happy dance! You can't argue with free, and if the deal with Mogl goes through, it does nothing but tap any business owner into a network of savvy high spending professionals with an extended network. Besides, you'd be doing business Mo T., the coolest bulldog in town.

Andy 7:18pm March 11, 2013

exciting things happening for the Deal Current team. Well done guys!

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