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Movers vowing to avoid California because of 'onerous' CARB rules

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Movers say the new California Air Resources Board (CARB) regulations effective this Jan. 1 are not only expensive, but also driving them out of state.

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Robert C Leif 10:53pm December 6, 2013

The air pollution produced by truck engines and exhaust systems that do not meet the new Cal/EPA standards have been polluting many areas of the City of San Diego including Barrio Logan. The incorrect statement that air pollution was from industrial activity was a major motivation for the content of the Barrio Logan Community Plan Update. Since the property owners, company managements and workers in Barrio Logan believe that their interests are threatened by this Plan Update, they have started an initiative to invalidate it. According to the Cal/EPA Air Resources Board, the trucks described in this article are generators of this noxious, disease causing emissions. The legislation that the City Council should have passed was to accelerate the upgrades to the trucks. If they had done so, the emissions would be substantially decreased and an the expense of an election saved. It is both good business and environmental behavior to make those responsible pay to minimize their pollution.

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