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Sex isn't the political killer it used to be

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amy roth 11:44am March 3, 2014

Latest poll on 2016 election (Old Dominion U, in Virginia) shows Clinton just two (that's 2!) points ahead of Christie nationally -- 43-41. Among Republicans, Christie is again the front-runner. Thought you'd want to know.

amy roth 11:06am March 3, 2014

I wouldn't count on Christie's permanent demise. Anyone who actually encounters him, either in public or on TV, will be back on his side in a nanosecond. What's happening now is clearly a hit job of monumental proportions. The fact is, he's innocent of what he's been accused of, and his opponents know this! That's why they're now dragging in everything including the kitchen sink that they can find in four years of emails from everyone in state government.

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