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The Security Network helps Australian innovators access U.S. market, partners

The Security Network has a close working relationship with the Australian Trade Commission (Austrade), which "assists Australian companies to establish and expand their business across the globe," according to Barbara Adams, district manager for Austrade - San Diego. "We need to have an intimate knowledge of the industry, including the best organizations and venues, that offer our Australian companies the greatest chance of creating successful business engagements."

Small Canadian company finds U.S. partners through The Security Network

Dr. Robert McFadden, a scientist and veteran of radiation safety in Canada, and his partner Chris Clarke have spent the last several years convincing the anti-terrorism community that small, gray "tubes" connected to a gray metal box can help prevent a major terrorist attack.

FACT Act presents new compliance burdens

The Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACT Act) was one of the first federal financial privacy laws that applied to non-financial institutions. As new rules implementing the FACT Act have been applied, the burdens placed upon non-financial institutions have only grown. Recently enacted rules have added to the burdens placed upon companies, whether they are financial institutions or not. Regulations such as these impact data security, as their purpose is to protect individuals from identity theft and the overall impact will be significant.

The Security Network chairman's message

The Security Network has created a unique organization based in San Diego that looks for innovative technologies from around the world and helps create relationships so products will be brought to market as quickly as possible. We live our tag line, "Fostering Innovation through Collaboration," and growing relationships with national partners and our international partners -- including Australia, Canada, Estonia, New Zealand and the UK -- are testament to the mutual need that we recognize. On a more local note, working with our Advisory Committee and local partners, we are focused on San Diego becoming a living laboratory.

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Rising threats from cyber crime pose challenges to national defense

Cyber space is no longer the next frontier -- it's here and it needs to be secured.

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Read about industry leaders, events, views and trends in national security and technology.

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