Celebrating 100 years of Naval Aviation in America, The Daily Transcript pays tribute in 2011 by celebrating the extraordinary business success stories of San Diego’s naval aviators. Contact us at contact@sddt.com to get more involved.

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Discipline, organization: Skills served captain in Navy, law enforcement

Capt. Byron Joseph remembers vividly one night when his Navy training paid off. He was working as a San Diego police officer and was shot in the shoulder while trying to arrest a suspect.

Retired lieutenant commander applies flight knowledge at Air & Space Museum

Flying was in Ross Davis' blood. His father was a pilot in the Army Air Corps, and his mother and sister were flight attendants. But despite this foundation for flight, Davis did not consider it a real possibility until college.

Retired helicopter pilot paves the way for minorities in the Navy

During Lin Walton's first check flight at Naval Air Station Pensacola, he said his instructor did something that made him throw his hands in the air.

Former Navy vice admiral taps into ground-level, leadership experience for civilian role

Editor's note: In honor of the centennial celebration of naval aviation, The Daily Transcript will be running a series of articles focusing on naval aviators and their leadership and management skills. The following is another article in the series.

Capt.'s formula for success: Motivate, empower your charges

When Capt. Mike Warriner first joined the military, he thought it would be a fun thing to do for a few years after college. Twenty-eight years later, he is still a Navy man.

Naval Aviation Enterprise looks to ready troops at the right cost

A small naval organization based in San Diego has worked to change the Navy's culture from one of consumption to one of conservation, according to current and former leaders.

If rear admiral had his way, US would emulate Navy's values

When Rear Adm. Russ Penniman, the reserve deputy commander and chief of staff for U.S. Pacific Fleet, spoke last year to a business class at Norfolk State University, he told them the nation's financial community should have adhered to the Navy's core values of honor, courage and commitment. If people in real estate and on Wall Street behaved in the ways Navy men and women did, he said, things would be a lot different today.

Former Navy captain goes to bat for the military with Padres program

When Jack Ensch retired from the U.S. Navy, he applied his military skills to a somewhat unexpected field: baseball.

Boland's advice: Don't break backs on your way up

During his tenure in the U.S. Navy, Bruce Boland, rear admiral (Ret.), served in locations around the world. Since his retirement in 1987, he’s applied his military skills to supporting San Diego, from the private, to government, to community sectors.

Alone while flying, Pettitt builds relationships for Northrop Grumman

For much of his career as a naval aviator, Capt. John Pettitt (Ret.) had to rely largely on himself. He flew single-seat jets, like A-4s, A-7s and F-18s, making him not quite a lone wolf, but hyperaware of his own surroundings and responsibilities.

Rear Adm. Cropper still flying high with the Navy after decades of service

Rear Adm. Tom “T.C.” Cropper now serves as commander of Strike Force Training Pacific, which means overseeing a staff of 70 and coordinating joint training exercises involving thousands of people.

Retired Cmdr. Bedinger translates military life to banking community

Henry J. "Jim" Bedinger likes to serve those who serve. Whether it's through his work at Navy Federal Credit Union, or with about a half-dozen military-oriented nonprofit groups, he tries to make life easier for soldiers, sailors, Marines and airmen.

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Military Aviation Museums

The following is a compilation of military aviation museums in the region.


Panel of naval aviators discuss the Navy training that allowed them to succeed

While skills and experiences learned in the Navy enhance servicemen and women's civilian careers, the gap between military and private sector jobs can feel cavernous, a panel of naval aviators said last week.

General Videos

Interview with Booz Allen Hamilton's Greg Wenzel

Greg Wenzel, executive vice president and lead for digital solutions and C4ISR at Booz Allen Hamilton, talks about the modern digital ecosystem and Internet of Things that can create an enterprise effect across the federal government and military orgnizations through secure interoperability for efficiency and effectiveness.

Defense videos

Top Influentials 2015: Jamie Moraga

Feb. 9, 2015 -- Daily Transcript Reporter Katherine Connor speaks with Jamie Moraga, president and CEO of intelliSolutions inc., about the defense contracting industry and her highlights of 2014 as the president of SDMAC.

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