We look at the creative ways some companies give back to the community and the organizations that rely on their generosity. To participate, contact us at contact@sddt.com.

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David Barnes named director of Mormon Battalion Historic Site

David N. Barnes recently arrived in San Diego to become the director of the Mormon Battalion Historic Site (MBHS) in Old Town San Diego.

SEAL-Naval Special Warfare Family Foundation event raises $1M

Philanthropist Madeleine Pickens and The Del Mar Country Club have announced that more than $1 million was raised at the March 22 benefit event to support the SEAL-Naval Special Warfare Family Foundation.

Women Empowered initiative nominated for Classy Awards

PCI (Project Concern International)'s Women Empowered initiative has been chosen as a Top 5 Nominee for the Fifth Annual CLASSY Awards, a social impact awards ceremony that honors the most outstanding and compelling philanthropic achievers around the world.

'Maritime Impressions' exhibit opens April 12

The Maritime Museum will open its new art exhibit called "Maritime Impressions" on Saturday, April 12.

Maritime Museum hosts 'A Chocolate Affair'

The Maritime Museum's annual Chocolate Festival on April 12 and 13 will serve up the history of chocolate and how it came to our country -- an interesting tale of seafaring travels.

PCI releases 2013 annual report

In 2013 PCI helped transform the lives of nearly 6 million people, expanding our impact in 16 countries in Africa, Asia and the Americas.

'Walk for Water' scheduled for March 2

Did you know that Americans use at least 20 times the amount of fresh water per day than a person in the developing world? But unlike our water supply, theirs doesn’t flow clean and safe from a tap; it’s almost always collected by women and girls who can travel up to seven hours per day to gather it in plastic buckets and repurposed cooking oil jugs.

Rancho Santa Fe Foundation adds four directors

The Rancho Santa Fe Foundation has added four new directors: Terry Atkinson, Victoria Hanlon, Kimberly Davis King and Steven Simpson.

Maritime Museum's new exhibit looks at 'The Art of the Sailor'

The modern Western tattoo evolved from the early days of global exploration, when ancient mariners sailed to the South Pacific communities and were introduced to the idea of body art. Tattoos became synonymous with maritime service. These iconic symbols and imagery tell stories and traditions that are ages old.

Success Story: India is polio-free

In the wake of the recent announcement that India has been declared polio-free by the World Health Organization (WHO), PCI (Project Concern International) celebrates the global partnerships and international resolve to rid the country of a debilitating and often deadly disease.

SDG&E's Future Leaders charity initiative underway

San Diego Gas & Electric's annual campaign to donate $1 million to charity began Tuesday, giving nonprofit organizations a chance to apply for their share.

UFC's Ryan Bader donates $10,000 to support families of Navy SEALS

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) light heavyweight Ryan Bader said he will contribute $10,000 to support the SEAL - Naval Special Warfare (NSW) Family Foundation, a donation that will be matched by his sponsor, Incapital.

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McKinney Advisory Group finds servant leadership model valuable in corporate social responsibility and corporate culture

Damian McKinney of McKinney Advisory Group began his real estate career from the perspective of the client and his fiduciary responsibility to serve that client's needs. Only Recently, Damian discovered the model of Servant Leadership for his company which aided him in organizing the Corporate Social Responsibility Program and as a result, benefited the entire organization by providing a framework for the company culture.

Philanthropy videos

Ronald McDonald House Charities' Charles Day on philanthropy

Nov. 14, 2012 -- George Chamberlin speaks with Charles Day, president and CEO of Ronald McDonald House Charities, about the growth of the organization, fundraising and philanthropy.

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