A look at the latest news in the defense sector, from legislative acts to budget issues.

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State Cyber Task Force unveiled in San Diego

After about a year and a half of planning, the final draft of the California Cyber Task Force Strategy was officially revealed Monday at a joint Cyber Center of Excellence and National Defense Industrial Association event in San Diego.

Tech innovations challenge military, training

Even with minimally manned ships and unmanned aerial systems coming online quickly for the military, the key to success is still getting the right people to the right place at the right time. This is further complicated in an era of declining budgets and fiscal uncertainty.

Borrego Solar awarded part of $7B DoD energy contract

San Diego’s Borrego Solar Systems Inc. is poised to get work in 2014 from a source that hasn’t been as reliable for contractors as in the past: the Department of Defense.

Kratos wins cyberthreat contract

Kratos Defense & Security Solutions Inc. (Nasdaq: KTOS) said Wednesday that it has won a federal defense contract valued at $6 billion over the life of the five-year deal.

Kratos Defense among 17 winners of $6 billion cybersecurity award

Kratos Defense & Security Solutions Inc. was among 17 winners of a $6 billion U.S. contract that will create a shopping hub for government agencies seeking to shield their computer networks from hackers.

Kratos Defense among 17 winners of $6 billion cybersecurity award

Kratos Defense & Security Solutions Inc. was among 17 winners of a $6 billion U.S. contract that will create a shopping hub for government agencies seeking to shield their computer networks from hackers.

Trade official tells defense firms to export more

As the defense industry copes with Pentagon cutbacks, a U.S. trade official last week urged local military contractors to look abroad for more customers.

Springtime defense conference axed in 2013

The defense budget crisis has led to the cancellation of one annual industry event in San Diego.

MIP Awards: Technologies honored by Connect

Nine inventions born out of San Diego companies, ranging from a personalized workout program to elderly care technology to a rifle-mounted laser system, were honored on Friday.

Today's Defense Department focusing on small business

The government has never paid as much attention to small business as it is now, according to Frank Kendall, under secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics.

Senate fails to approve cybersecurity legislation

WASHINGTON — The Senate failed last week to pass legislation to protect the U.S. electrical grid, water supplies and other critical industries from cyberattack and electronic espionage, despite dire warnings from top national security officials about the potential for devastating assaults on American computer networks.

Panelists help veterans with advice on finding work

There are nearly 2 million veterans in California, and San Diego Gas & Electric realizes that it's crunch time to put them to work.

DC firm hired to defend San Diego from cuts

A consulting firm in Washington, D.C. is working to make sure San Diego’s stance against defense budget cuts is heard loud and clear from thousands of miles away.

Hunter: 'Economic bombshell' looms in San Diego County

An economic tidal wave threatens to take 30,000 of San Diego’s jobs come October if defense cuts aren’t stopped.

Real estate pros given insider view of four SD market trends

From alcoholic beverages to potentially life-saving mobile devices, and an array of products and services in between, San Diego’s opportunities for commercial growth stretch far beyond its known biotechnology sector, according to a panel of four local business executives Thursday.

In San Diego, Romney hits Obama on health care, Medvedev comments

Mitt Romney, during a San Diego campaign stop, accused the Obama administration of crushing dreams through taxes and regulation, especially those imposed by the president’s health care overhaul.

New OCI Rules for San Diego Defense Contractors

The initials “OCI” have made San Diego’s defense contracting business owners tremble for years. And during 2010, many in the community anxiously awaited rumored changes to the Defense Department’s contracting rules on organizational conflicts of interest (OCI).

What to consider when outsourcing real estate services in the defense industry

According to the San Diego Chamber of Commerce Military Impact Study, defense spending inflows to San Diego County more than doubled between 2004 and 2008 to upwards of $20 billion. By 2012, that number could reach $30 billion.

Budget uncertainty manifests as threat to defense contractors

Faced with the uncertainty of the federal budget debate, defense contractors are forced to make difficult decisions about both their short- and long-term futures.

‘Tyranny of this year’s budget’ prevents Total Ownership Cost reforms in defense sector

As long as the federal budget is calculated one year at a time, decisions on defense-related acquisitions will be based on their up-front price tag, not their life-cycle costs.

Space Micro vice president shoots for the moon

Like many of his peers, David Bozek was fascinated by outer space as a child. Today, he has a job that enables him to do what many youngsters only dream about.

DefenseWeb CEO helps military families stay connected

DefenseWeb Technologies creates software packages that help the military’s medical facilities run smoother and military families maintain a better support system, but Chief Executive Officer Douglas Burke said the company’s real influence lies in its corporate culture.

Public sector continues to do heavy lifting in construction industry

It looks like the public sector will continue to be where most of the work is for contractors in 2011, according to local construction officials and architects.

Funding could pick up for tech companies, while cuts in defense spending expected

The next year is likely to be one of transition for San Diego’s technology and defense sectors, with one adjusting to budget cuts and the other gearing up for potential post-recession success.

New conflict of interest rules in contracting will prove costly burden to small businesses

San Diego might be one of the biggest small towns in the United States. And many of San Diego’s busiest companies, whether small or large, comprise a local defense contracting community that operates like its own small town. Everybody seems to know everybody else. Much of the federal business that is developed and hiring that occurs in the San Diego region is the result of well-developed, personal relationships. Small-businesses owners, in particular, take advantage of personal relationships as a key first step in developing their companies.

Lockheed Martin VP, WID president opens new hatches for women in defense

Karen Conti couldn’t help but beam when the Navy recently announced that U.S. military women would be allowed to serve aboard submarines starting in 2012.

Bipartisan legislation to overhaul defense acquisition spending

The House Armed Services Committee unanimously approved at the end of April new, bipartisan legislation that would overhaul defense acquisition spending.

Software, defense may help SD lead high-tech sector

Strengths in software services and defense have better positioned San Diego's high-tech sector than other regions in the state, an industry trade group leader said Tuesday.

County's hot sectors show no signs of cooling

San Diego's reputation as a hotbed of life sciences and technology looks to grow next year, as one of the world's biggest biotech conference comes to the city, and experts predict three cutting-edge technology sectors will take off.

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