Get the details about a ballot initiative that could affect the biotech industry and discover why investing in biotech IPOs can reap rewards.

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San Diego biotech hub owes its past, present to Hybritech

When San Diego biotechnology companies set off on the path of entrepreneurship, they follow a trail blazed more than three decades ago by a startup called Hybritech.

Biotech stocks often undervalued, have long-term rewards

Biotech stocks have been in the news recently, grabbing headlines at and other media outlets for outperforming tech stocks after their initial public offering.

Proposition 37 asks: to label or not to label?

Genetically modified food is set to take the spotlight this November when California voters will decide whether manufacturers should be required to label products that contain genetically modified organisms (GMO).

Protesters arrested at Monsanto plant

OXNARD, Calif. — Nine anti-genetic foods activists have been arrested for blocking the gates to a large Southern California seed plant.

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